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Rotogravure Printing Press

* Here are examples of machines which we have sourced in the past:- Fill out our enquiry form to help us source second hand machinery for you. *

*ROTO CERUTTI R118/148 8 colours of 1985. Min-max printing width: 400-1000mm, material width: 1000mm, max diam. unwinder-rewinder: 800mm, Unwinder half automatic, 2 shafts. Rewinder half automatic 2 shafts, core diam. unwind.-rewinder: 70-76-150mm, with web guide and register control, with 2 drying hoods. For: PET:15-50 my, Cellophane: 28-43g/m2, Paper & Laminates: 40-90 g/m2. Parts.

*ROTO CERUTTI MOD. 28R with 9 colors, of 1982. Fully refurbished on 1996 by O.M.G. Cerutti&Siec. Electrically & mechanically refurbished by Albatech on 2003. Web width: 1100mm, mech. speed 250 m/min. Print repeats: 450-900. Heating system by diatermic oil. Non-stop unwinder & rewinder for max reel dia. of 800mm. With: corona treater, GrafiKontrol, viscosimeters, Autotron 1675 Register control Press tech, FIFE web-guider, inspection system by web camera, aut. Inspection quality system by Futec. Materials: transparent or metalized BOPP 20-60 my, PET 12-40 my, papers 30-70 g/m2. Running. With about 3000 cylinders for different repeats.

*ANDREOTTI ROTOSTAR NR 37 of 1993. With 9 printing units + 2 solvent base laminators in line with 4,5m oven. Overhauled mechanically in 2004. Print width of 1420mm. For films and papers. Max mech. speed: 350m/min. Max main unwinder dia.: 1000mm (shaftless). Secondary unwinder max dia. of 800mm with 3" and 6" mandrels. Third unwinder with max dia. of 800mm with 3" and 6" shaft. Max rewinder dia. of 1000mm (shaftless). Printing repeats: 400-920mm. With Imeco gas heating system, GRAFICONTROL register control and camera + viscosity controllers, no 3 Mero Corona treatment units. Immediately available.

*ANDREOTTI ROTOSTAR MOD. 35R of 1988/89. Min-max printing width: 700-1400mm, max reel dia. of the unwinder&rewinder: 800mm, max production speed of 400m/1', for: non extensible films, papers, thin cardboards, different laminated materials for max 200 grs, raw alu from 15 my, HDPE 25 my, PP from 15my, cellophane 28-30grs, PVC, etc. Price on request.

*Rotomec RP 2000 1220/300/C of 1980. With 7 printing units. Min.-max web width : 600- 1220mm. With duplex aut. unwinder&rewinder for max reel dia. of 800mm, splicing in either direction, aut. high speed reel splicing, push bottom controlled, reels holder arms rotation by pneumatic brake for the unwinder. Max speed: 300mt/min. With 6 ventilation groups by thermal oil heat exchanger. With chill rolls.With 1 web guide unit, 1aut. color register, 7 viscosity controllers.

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