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Introducing the i-Pal and smart-Pal

CFM represent CSi Smart Palletising from the The Netherlands for their i-Pal and smart-Pal models. Why?

Because they offer a cost price to stay competitive to improve your efficiency and quality. The palletisers are easy to adjust to new patterns, have a mid range capacity palletizing, a pay back period is less than 1 year and are easy switch to manual labour in case of emergency.

The palletisers are able to palletise a great variety of fixed shape- square or oblong products..


  • Cartons RSC / American Folding Box / Wrap Around
  • Cartons with open top (high wall tray)
  • Cartons with loose cover (shoe box type)
  • Cartons with interlocking
  • Trays (with or without shrink foil)
  • Trays with insert sheets
  • Shrink foil packs
  • (CBL) Crates
  • Car batteries

  i-Pal Brochure
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Case Studies

  i-Pal Case Study 1: Manna Foods
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  i-Pal Case Study 2: Ontex
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  smart-Pal brochure
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The Basic model is Semi Automatic, End-of-line, Gantry construction for Low / Mid-range capacities with a Low level product infeed that can be moved from line to line (it has wheels and can be moved easily) so that if a line is not being used or is a short run not require automatic palletising you can utilise the palletiser on another line.

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